Google Discover: Your favourite content closer than ever

Google Discover: Your favourite content closer than ever
July 22, 2022

Browsing the web aimlessly has become almost as tedious a task as zapping your television to see if something to your liking is being broadcast live on the screen. One of the great obsessions of users in the online world, which runs at breakneck speed, is to find the information that interests us in the simplest and most flexible way possible. With Google Discover we are getting closer to this digital utopia.

Discover is Google‘s information management system that, since 2017, allows you to receive news about your interests -such as your favourite music group or your reference news website-, without having to search for them. This tool takes advantage of the interactions of the Google application ecosystem (the Chrome browser, the Google search engine and the Android operating system), generating lists of publications for mobile devices, which are related to the particular interests of each one without the need to carry out searches previously. From Fun Providers, communication and digital marketing agency in Barcelona, we tell you about the great potential that lies behind this Google tool.

All information without prior request

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) system of the most famous and popular search engine on the planet, allows you to show content on your mobile devices in a 100% autonomous procedure. In this way, search keywords are relegated to a less important position, since this technology overcomes them. It is one more step to achieve a super personalised and optimal user experience.

The AI establishes a proactive system based on your browsing history, your activity in places where Google has access (emails, apps, video calls, etc.), sequence of your locations and other data provided by your devices. There is always room to detail more the search, manually, by adding elements or areas of interest.

Discover surpasses Google Feed in that, in addition to showing recent news results, it uses evergreen content (those that do not go old-fashioned and have a long path) as a key element. We are in a new stage in which we are not measuring whether something is liked or not with Analytics metrics, but rather with artificial intelligence based on real data from the Google environment. 

And what do I do with my SEO strategy now?

Don’t be alarmed, your previous keywords work will be useful in the future. From the restrictive point of view of SEO, Discover does not position the results of a search engine in the strict sense of the term, although, however, the publication lists it generates constitute very valuable content for Internet users. In this way, Discover and your SEO strategy feed off and enrich each other.

How do I position myself on Discover?

Being clear about your target audience, everything will be much easier. At this point, all you have to do is launch yourself into creating interesting and quality content (publishing regularly on current and trending topics, using high-resolution images and sharing on social media to gain capillarity and virality).

In order to see the effectiveness of your strategy, the Discover panel in Search Console will be very useful (which, important! Is only activated if you have had a certain amount of traffic during the last 16 months).

To refine your shot, constantly review your competitors’ strategy, correctly index your content and adapt it for mobile viewing. The end result will be that, thanks to this tool, a lot of traffic will be generated to your website and you will gain visibility through the content cards generated by Google Discover‘s artificial intelligence.

If you really think that you need to add Discover to the set of tools to deploy your content marketing strategy, contact with Fun Providers, communication and digital marketing agency in Barcelona and we will advise you. Google’s word.