Write SEO content and positioning on Google

Write SEO content and positioning on Google
September 23, 2019

If you want to write SEO content and get a better positioning on Google, do not miss these writing tips. Remember that if you want your website, blog, e-commerce … to be among the first results, you have to have interesting content that is attractive to your customers and optimized for SEO. From Fun Providers, a digital communication agency in Barcelona, we release you some of the secrets to improve your content.


Use Keywords

What do you look for your audience? Start by doing a good keyword research to know what keywords you should use in your content. It is important that the keywords appear throughout the text, so Google will understand what the subject you are trying to do.

It incorporates the main keyword in the first paragraph and uses common sense when you have to repeat it throughout the article. It also uses secondary keywords or variations so your text is not repetitive.


Optimize URL

How to optimize the URL for SEO? If you want your content to be perfectly optimized for Google, you must also work on the url. Remove from the slug the words that you do not include as articles or prepositions and make sure it reflects the theme of the content that will be displayed.


Titles & subtitles

It is important that the title of your content clearly reflects the theme. There are different degrees of importance defined by the tags H1, H2, H3 … Spend the time necessary to establish what information you want to show at each level and try to incorporate the main keyword.


Meta-title & meta-description

Do not forget to define the title and the goal. It is the information that will be displayed on Google to invite the user to click and access your website. The title must have between 40 and 60 characters so that it is displayed in search engines completely. It is the first call to action, so dedicate the time it deserves! The meta description is the text that appears below the title in the search engine. It is also important to attract the user’s click and we recommend that you include the keyword. It will appear bold in the search engine and will call more attention.


Include links to improve SEO?

Yes, including links within the text will help you to optimize your content to position Google. No link is available, it only includes links that are related to the topic you are writing about and that provide additional information for the user. Not only do external links serve, also those that link to other sections of your web or your blog.


Writing content for SEO is not a simple task. We recommend that you have the advice of a specialist. Contact Fun Providers, digital communication agency in Barcelona and create all the content you need, optimized for SEO and designed to position your website on Google.