What will the cookieless world be like?

What will the cookieless world be like?
January 5, 2023

While giants like Google are going through the third postponement on the disappearance of third-party cookies, established for 2024, a reality in which cookies are limited begins to appear on the horizon.

This new scenario, cookieless, in which third-party cookies are eliminated from browsers (used in the world of marketing to identify users anonymously) raises doubts and questions, although from Fun Providers, communication agency and digital marketing in Barcelona, we will clarify it for you:

Which difficulties arise when cookies are limited?

From the point of view of the company, the challenges will be diverse:

  • Data from paid advertising on Google cannot be measured.
  • There will be a lack web browsing data, losing track of your digital footprint on your domain.
  • Segmentation through advertising will be very difficult, since the file with the information of the users will not be received.

All this will end up resulting in an increase in costs, to fill this gap in information about Internet users by other means.

On the other side of the scale, the online user will receive advertising in a less personalised way, entering a spiral of massive messages similar to that used in other traditional media.

The future without cookies to third parties

With the disappearance of tracking, data about users is lost, preventing detailed segmentation. In this new reality, the information will be scattered in different places, with no possibility of connection between them. Whoever is able to bring together all this amalgamation of user data in a homogeneous and efficient way will take the plunge.

But as in all facets of life, as soon as a door closes, a window opens. At this point, new solutions such as first-party cookies, the use of contextual data, predictive models aided by Artificial Intelligence, semantic analysis, marketing strategies based on “member get member”, interactive content with high added value come into play…

At Fun Providers, a communication and digital marketing agency in Barcelona, we will be happy to accompany you in the cookieless world. If you still don’t see it clearly, we offer you our strategic consulting services and effective online marketing tactics to find out how to immerse yourself in this new reality.