Voice searching: how to work SEO for voice search

Voice searching: how to work SEO for voice search
April 29, 2022

Home automation, smartphones, microphone speakers like Alexa, artificial intelligence systems like Siri… The trend of voice search is on the rise and we need to keep this in mind when planning the content of our marketing strategy. Voice searches are gaining more weight in total search volume, and we need to look at how it will influence search engine visibility and reputation.

About 20% of all Google searches are voice searches. Its influence on the traffic and positioning of our website is indisputable.

How can we optimize our website for voice search?

To understand what we need to do, we need to know how voice searches work. The user issues a voice command to search for information through a device. The verbalized information enters a huge database to get the most relevant answer.

The main features of these searches are:

  • They are usually geolocated and provide location information.
  • They reflect the needs and tastes of the individual conducting the search.
  • They are performed in a temporal context.
  • These are usually longer commands than when we do a written search.
  • This length allows you to offer more refined results.

Improve SEO for voice search

  • Find out how users ask for information through a voice search.
  • Set keywords related to voice search.
  • Optimize your website data such as time, contact, location… so that attendees can find the answer quickly.
  • Be responsive with a website that adapts to different devices. Not only interface level, but also speed, results, real-time location…
  • Review and update your Google My Business to optimize your local SEO.
  • Take care of your snippets. Attendees often perform voice searches through the highlights.
  • Includes questions with the keyword in H2 and gives the answer in the body of the text.
  • Uses natural language and long tail terms. 

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