The future of your company depends on an effective CRM strategy

The future of your company depends on an effective CRM strategy
May 25, 2022

Business communication has taken a Copernican turn over during the last two decades. From monolithic, unidirectional and analogue strategies, we have moved on to a real dialogue between consumers and brands in which bidirectionality configures or models the ways in which products interact with their buyers. Within this complex ecosystem, in which the modern consumer is the king, CRM must be worked on in a very conscientious and detailed way within the company (Customer Relationship Management)

From Fun Providers we want to give you the keys so that your integral management with the client, through a powerful CRM strategy, is highly efficient:

1. Decide if you really need it

Let’s first analyse the usefulness of having an information management software that will allow us, later, to develop a CRM strategy. Before spending the budget and realising that it has gone straight down the drain, stop and think carefully. For this, there are two critical elements that must be discerned to understand the viability of the project:

Do we have an in-house CRM specialist?

If you have an expert who is capable of bringing together and providing the different departments of the company with practical and useful information, you will have a long way to go. If you don’t acquire effective data management tools or competent staff, it doesn’t matter if you have a great strategy; everything will be a failure. With this person you will be able to register, classify and segment infinity of data that, when crossed, will offer you the keys to your present and future business.

What is the relevant information for your target?

The more detailed the information you have, the more predictable the customer’s behaviour will be and the easier it will be to develop actions that hit the centre of the target. Whether it is a local or online CRM, keep all the data updated so that the efficiency when using it is maximum. Its applications to the areas of communication, sales, MK, customer service and after-sales will radically improve the relationship with buyers, achieving a much more personalised relationship with customers (so that they increase their frequency of purchasing services and/or products) and potential future users (knowing in detail their concerns and what they expect from a certain commercial proposal).

2. Create profiles as detailed as possible

Thanks to all the information that you collect and order, you will end up with an almost police profile of your target and their tastes. At this point, almost organically and without forcing it, you can start working on actions on the ground that will allow you to reach your customers. This way you can deploy an ultra-personalised CRM strategy with high guarantee of success.

3. Give feedback and improve the system

For example, if you have data on customers who have bought bottles of wine or cava from you through your online store, you could rank VIP buyers and invite them to a private tasting at the cava facilities. Do not attack the potential buyer, in an invasive way, like a telemarketer who wants you to change your telephone company. Act slowly, weaving lines of stable contact with the client to become daily and learn more about him.

Quarterly, together with all the company’s departments, analyse, what information is obtained from the client by area, how it is used (as well as its using rate) and what benefits it brings to the company. Only in this way you will be able to abandon infertile lines of work, cultivate new ones and improve those that are working (to do this, previously define KPIs to establish the success of a certain action).

If you are determined to start your CRM strategy and you have doubts about how to start it, at Fun Providers we can help you. As experts in communication and digital marketing, we will accompany you so that you have the best tools and techniques and thus, address your clients with full guarantees.