Improve your positioning with SEO long tail strategy

Improve your positioning with SEO long tail strategy
July 24, 2019

Do you have a website and want to increase visits? Would you like to have a better positioning in Google? In Fun Providers, communication and digital marketing agency, we can help you with the positioning of your website and the SEO strategy to achieve more traffic and conversions. If you have just launched your website, you may need to apply the “long tail SEO” strategy. We tell you!

“Long tail SEO” concept is based on positioning in Google with more than one word to attack a specific market niche where competition is not so high.

Let’s look better with an example: you just launched the website of your library. It occurs to you to use the keyword “books.” Obviously not? Error! “Books” is a very general and too competitive keyword. If you base your position on it, you will not have enough authority to unseat large companies and you will not get visitors.

What to do?

Choose a niche market that your business can cover and use a “long tail”. For example, you can use “sports books barcelona”. In this way, everyone who wants to buy books about sports in Barcelona will find an optimal result on your website and you will gain authority. When your authority is increasing, you can add other keywords to your SEO strategy to compete in web positioning against other sites.

Where should we apply keywords?

We already know that our keywords should appear in the content of our website but we also have to think about including them in the description of the site or in the same URL. In this case, we should name the url of the sports section with something type:

Gráfico Long tail SEO

In this graph we can see what we have commented. When the keyword is longer and more specific, we find less competition, so users who have searched for those words will access us more easily. The goal is to get points and authority from the “long tail” and then attack more competing words.