How innovation in times of radical changes can make the difference in your business

How innovation in times of radical changes can make the difference in your business
April 24, 2020

Innovating is an element inherent in human evolution. The wheel -appeared in Mesopotamia around 3,500 BC- was a revolution since, from its appearance, was being used to manufacture machinery and transport. The artisanal mobile type printing system appeared in China over a thousand years ago -and a forerunner of Gutenberg printing press- made knowledge transmission a much more accessible element as a complement to oral tradition. In the medical field, the bacteriologist Alexander Fleming, thanks to the application of penicillin to solve bacterial infections and showing its effectiveness with gangrene, pneumonia and tuberculosis, saved countless lives.

At Fun Providers, communication and digital marketing agency in Barcelona, ​​we have embedded innovation in our DNA. We are aware that reality and the world don’t stop changing, so to continue evolving at the same rate we must put all our neurons in motion to offer the ongoing umpteenth update with warranty.

Technological revolutions and robotisation have increased exponentially during the past four decades. Internet and social media emergence has led to the rise of countless new jobs such as web community manager, web page manager, online content generator or head of digital marketing among many others. This new virtual environment offer us new windows to the world. But all windows, both virtual and physical, must be selective and attractive. The best resource is to use all tools at your fingertips in an original and innovative way. Coronovarius is an unprecedented element that pushes us to it.

This is the small tribute we want to show from Fun Providers to large and small companies, freelances, retired and unemployed people from all sectors who have used their creativity to continue innovating or to go even further and offer the best of themselves to society. These five examples are an inspiration source for everyone:


Take advantage of available resources and adapt them to new environment

Like countless entertainment industries, whose assets are to generate live magic and connect with the audience, circus world has collided head first with COVID-19, in an unexpected way. The only way to save the physical distance has been the use of virtual platforms to continue valuing their work; like Cirque du Soleil (with 60 minute specials among different shows).

The unique and familiar company Circo Raluy -founded in the 70s- saw how confinement caught them on the road, in Reus. Isolated in 40 small caravans from the beginning of the 19th century, they spend their time without forgetting the optimal state of their working instruments: their bodies. To keep fit and follow the instructions of health authorities, they have established a strict rehearsal system: only three people can be on the big top, with a minimum distance of two meters between them; after each training session, the entire space is sanitised, just like every morning and night, and every two hours a new group enters, which never crosses the previous one.

You must always take into account the situation and environment you have to face as a company. So you will see how you can achieve your goals within the new context.


Innovate to help (flexibility is one of your greatest assets)

The slowdown in economic activity has been a challenge that many economic experts compare with the situation after Second World War. There have been industries, such as automobile, that have quickly adapted their assembly lines to redirect their production to the creation of sanitary material. 150 SEAT employees work to join and fit 80 electronic and mechanical elements that shape their respirators (assisted with the adapted motor of a windscreen wipers), in the same place where a part of the Leon model was built.

At Renault 125 workers, with the help of 154 3D printers, have managed to produce 3,370 masks to be distributed among hospitals and residences. The auxiliary components industry such as Grupo Antolín has even joined this trend (50 workers manufacture 4,000 medical gowns and protective screens a day). Your know-how, guided by innovation, can take you to scenarios where expanding your added value. Although it may seem incredible, is possible.


A second online opportunity

November, 8th 2019, El Hoyo, a Spanish dystopian science fiction production, premiered in theaters, which was highly recognised both at Toronto International Film Festival (it won the public’s award) and at Sitges (winning four awards: best film, best special effects, audience award and revelation director recognition). But the good acceptance came face to face with reality and the film passed without glory on cinemas at the end of the year.

But there was a fact that would give the film an extra life, thanks to the strategic vision of Netflix that acquired the rights to the film worldwide (except for the Asian market) by the time it finished its tour across cinemas. On March 20th made its debut in Spain, having a new and successful second chance, as has happened in other 11 countries. Supported by a powerful word of mouth generated on social media, El Hoyo has risen to the top positions of prestigious IMDB list. What the traditional channel could not offer in its day, has succeed the most popular global platform for video on demand.


Solidarity personal initiatives

As a professional, you have skills and techniques that, in times of uncertainty, can be very helpful to people who have been confined at home. In this sense, Carmen de la Fuente (midwife unemployed) stands out, who helps via Twitter to resolve doubts of pregnant women who want to consult privately. Singer Iván Sevillano -alias Huecco- has given a social use to the van that he usually uses for tours, to bring food to the elderly or people with reduced mobility. Cristina Marín, a surgeon at Hospital de la Princesa in Madrid, launched an initiative so that coronavirus patients receive anonymous letters of support. They are three simple examples of everything you have within you and how much you can offer to others, beyond your workplace.


Show your generosity by sharing knowledge

It makes no sense, in today’s world, to keep all your knowledge as the fantastic character in J.R.R. Tolkien universe Gollum (who at the same time owned and was enslaved by the ring, which he did not want to share it with anyone else). In that direction, publishers and scientific organisations have agreed to openly publish all research on the current epidemic to develop a more agile response to the crisis, demonstrating that this pandemic can only be resolved nimbly in a collaborative way.

In marketing field, it may be useful to offer content for free such as a masterclass or online books. Contents to learn and others to entertain; such as the one proposed by the Dinopolis Foundation to bring paleontology closer to people in times of confinement. Don’t forget that there are enough hours a day for everything …


At Fun Providers, digital marketing and communication agency in Barcelona, ​​we know even inside the most stressful and uncertain environments great ideas can come out. If you feel blocked at this stage of radical changes, we offer our strategic consultancy services to know how to get ahead, without losing your way.