Google Ads, a must in your digital strategy

Google Ads, a must in your digital strategy
February 26, 2021

Google Ads is, without a doubt, a key tool that helps to get traffic in e-commerce and websites, increase the visibility of a brand in the desired region and, of course, achieve conversions. At Fun Providers, an online marketing and communication agency, we create effective campaigns to achieve your goals. We want to transfer you some basic concepts so that you can familiarize yourself with this type of campaign.


Keywords are those by which our public finds us when entering them in the search engine. For example, if you sell shoes in Barcelona, one of your possible keywords would be “shoe store in Barcelona”.

How to know what words our potential clients use? Google Keyword Planner is a Google tool that makes it easy for you to find the most suitable keywords. Don’t be tempted by the most competitive keywords! Although many users search for them, there are also many brands that use them, so your visibility will be impaired.

Our recommendation: know your audience and understand what differentiates you to achieve conversions with those who find you. In many cases, having more specific keywords will benefit you. Continuing with the previous example, a specific keyword would be “sports shoes in Sants”.

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Don’t intend to launch your campaign right away. Planning a Google Ads campaign requires time, patience, and continuous monitoring. Some of the options it offers you can be confusing, but if you pay attention to them you can tip the balance from failure to success. We tell you what the “concordance” variable consists of

Broad match: is the one that is assigned by default. Includes synonyms, misspellings, related searches, and other variations. For example, if the keyword is “women’s shoes”, the ad may appear when you search for “buy women’s shoes.”

Broad match modifier: Includes slight variations, but not synonyms, and search terms can appear in any order. For example, “buy women’s shoes.”

Phrase match: It is based on the exact match of a part of the text that the user is searching for with the keyword in question. For example, for “women’s shoes”, the ad would show with “buy women’s shoes”, but not with “cheap women’s shoes”, as entering a word in the middle breaks the match.

Exact match: as the name suggests, in this case the ad would only be displayed if the user entered the keyword exactly.

Negative match: this option is a bit different, since here we enter the keywords for which we do not want the ad to appear. A very useful term is “free”, since we want to filter out users who are not interested in buying.

What does a Google Ad look like?

Advertising on Google search always consists of text ads. These advertisements should correspond as much as possible with the terms that the user has entered in the search engine. Different elements are distinguished:

Title: if there are several titles on the same line, they will be separated by a vertical bar.

Display URL: the advertiser’s web address or landing page. Google Ads allows you to customize this parameter, so that the actual domain of the website is displayed and then the words that the user chooses.

Description: multiple descriptions of up to 90 characters each can be included here. The usual thing is to use them to expand the information of the titles and it is recommended to always introduce a call to action.

Extensions: extensions allow you to expand the information in your ad text with lots of options, such as company locations, phone numbers, additional links or product prices.

What else can I do to improve my campaign?

Don’t even think about launching the campaign and forgetting about it. A Google Ads campaign needs continuous monitoring. Always keep an eye on the figures provided by the platform and find out the reasons for the ups or downs. A change in a competitor’s strategy can affect you too.

Pay close attention, make continuous improvement to optimize your ad, and adjust your bid. Do you still have doubts? Don’t worry, it’s normal! If you want to launch your Google Ads campaign in a professional way, contact Fun Providers, a digital marketing and communication agency.