Five evidences of why you don’t need a large company to achieve your goals and have success

Five evidences of why you don’t need a large company to achieve your goals and have success
May 14, 2020

SOHO (small office home office) and SME (small and mid-size enterprises), although they have very limited visibility compared to planetary giants such as Amazon, Nike, Apple or Johnson & Johnson, have a solid presence in this country. Of the more than 2.8 million companies in Spain, only 4,777 (0.17%) are made up of large corporations with staff with 250 or more employees. It’s a reality that the economy flows thanks to the work of more than 1.5 million self-employed workers supported by a little bit more than 1.2 million companies made up of between 1 and 49 employees. Medium-sized companies represent only 0.85%, amounting to a total of 23,974. As a result of these data, based on the monthly report “Cifras PyME” (March 2020) offered by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism of Spanish Government, it appears that 94% of the national business network is made up of self-employed and micro-businesses with less than 10 workers.

These are companies whose turnover and resources are more limited compared to large corporate groups. But not because you are smaller, it means that you are clearly at a disadvantage. At Fun Providers, communication and digital marketing agency in Barcelona, we are part of this rich and diverse business network that collaborates with global economy to move forward. And as you will see below, it has many advantages to have a small work team to focus, with guarantees, on the uncertain future that we have had to face today.

The current logic no longer passes through a competition between big and little ones. The future and evolution will be settled in an endless race between fast and slow, in which the one with greater flexibility, adaptation to change and business resilience will set a competitive advantage over the rest and achieve its objectives. In an environment as hostile as Cretaceous -in which large dinosaurs reigned-, the impact of a meteorite with Earth evolved to a mass extinction of most plants and animals on the planet. This fact meant that only beings such as insects and animals with dimensions smaller than those of a cat survived, due to the food shortage after the violent collision. In times of anxiety and change, move like a small mammal to succeed in today’s business and economic environment:

1. Speed and flexibility as differential elements

What initially seems like a drag is actually your great ally. Having a reduced structure will allow you to respond quickly and flexibly to different challenges that come your way. The most important and differential fact is that you will not depend on infinite and tortuous hierarchical approval systems. Because, whether we like it or not, elements such as in “telephone game” (in which the data that circulates vary and deform slightly, under the prism of the mentality of different persons involved in the reporting and transmission process). In small companies, the logic is action, followed by direct analysis and reacting accordingly. In this way we will run away from high ivory towers far from reality, from which laboratory decisions are made.

If the idea is good, accompanied by a proper strategy and the right tools, it will be almost immediate implemented. You will optimise time as a small Optimist that changes, almost instantaneously, its small sail facing a changing wind in front of a powerful and gigantic sailboat that needs much more time and coordination of various material and human resources to modify its trajectory.

2. Experience and more qualitative work will make you stronger

Corporations with highly pyramidal hierarchical structures suppose a great segmentation of tasks and work specialisation and only the highest levels are endowed with a global vision. Transferring this vision to day to day work, generally the juniors unfold the tactical tasks and the seniors develop the strategy. In well-worked micro-companies, you will find highly qualified people in all areas of the company, with more experience and skills in certain areas, but prepared to help in other aspects during work peaks or special projects. In small companies, you will have orchestra women and men who know how to play most instruments well.

3. Control your resources and turn it into a competitive advantage

Employing short work chains -in which two or three people at most are involved in decision making and execution in several areas of the company- leaves room to control different resources that are being used in micro-corporations. This way you will save yourself from the unpleasant surprise of paying for tools that you don’t use or with a very limited utility. In this particular case, being small is synonymous of efficiency. All this results in general expenses limited by the size of the company itself and at the same time more rationally used. If you are a company that offers a product or service, you will be able to adjust your prices, without having to charge and increase them due to a heavy structure of salaries and departments.

4. The trench allows you to always be alert 

Being few people will allow you to constantly take the pulse of the market, customers and suppliers. Thus, you will always be glued to reality and you will know, with names and surnames, all your interlocutors. In this way you will establish long lasting and trusting relationships with them that will allow you, in a very flexible and imaginative way, to find the most optimal solutions for all problems and initiatives that arise. In this environment you will always find allies, on the other side, to achieve your work and business goals. Working from the trenches allow you to hear and know, first hand, everything that happens around your business to intervene quickly and efficiently.

5. More motivated and cohesive teams

Knowing the personality of your collaborators, how they work under pressure, in what time slot they do it most intensively and efficiently, what their skills are and points of improvement are key in a working environment of limited dimensions. Abandon employee’s vision as a resource and see what is in front of you: a person. Be empathetic to their emotions and personal situations. The more balanced their family and work life would be, the more commited they will be at their desk. Following this philosophy, which builds trust within the company, a more fluid communication will be obtained in the short term, (with a good mix of virtual and physical tools; link FUN use technology) and a more cohesive group in the long term. Having information from others, humanises us and at the same time makes us feel more comfortable in our workplace, resulting in greater motivation and effectiveness. Mark your friends’ birthday in red on the calendar; it’s very easy to organise a surprising one.


At Fun Providers, communication and digital marketing agency in Barcelona, we understand that swimming in a troubled river is complicated. We are aware that can be very difficult for you to work on your digital marketing and content development strategy, in the definition of unexpected innovative actions (link to guerrilla MK)… Don’t desperate yourself; we are here to help you. We are small but we know what we do, accumulating valuable experience in the world of marketing and communication.