Data Driven Creativity: creative personalization based on data

Data Driven Creativity: creative personalization based on data
February 21, 2020

Are you surfing the Internet and suddenly you see an ad that seems created especially for you? Not only does it look like it, it is designed for you and others with your profile. The concept “Data Driven Creativity” is about creating a personalized message for each user profile, based on the data obtained.

The main objective of digital advertising is to reach the right user, at the right time and with the right message. To make this possible, it is necessary to analyze the data offered by Google Marketing Platform and the traffic of the campaigns through the Ad Server. To complete the user study, other tools such as Analytics 360, data visualization, additional measurement tools can also be integrated…

Based on the data obtained, we can create user segments, knowing their online behavior, deciphering their interests… Why do we want to know all this? To impact the user the next time he meets one of our online advertising actions, showing him content that is attractive and interesting.

There are many variables that can be studied: demographic data, geolocation, time of day, weather data, device with which you navigate… All the data is useful to create a programmatic advertising strategy that helps us achieve our goals, whether visits to our web, conversions, social media engagement…

For example, if we are managing a sports e-commerce, we will analyze the data to find people interested in the world of sport, being able to know even in which sports in particular they are interested, brands, designs that attract… So, we can discover where to find it and how to impact it.


Data Driven Creativity: beyond programmatic advertising

Data Driven Creativity does not only apply to programmatic advertising, but also in the personalization of web pages according to the user who visits it, content platforms … Did you know that the thumbnails that appear on your Netflix can be different from those of your friends? It’s chosen especially for you, based on your interests according to the content you have previously viewed. If you watch many paranormal movies and series, you will be shown the “most spooky” cover among those available to attract you to select the content.

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In summary, the Data Driven Creativity represents the union of the power of information with the magic of creativity, attracting the user with personalized content. Do you want to launch an online advertising campaign and impact users who share interests with your brand with a personalized creativity? Contact Fun Providers, communication and digital marketing agency in Barcelona and we will design your plan.