October 19, 2021

We are currently in a new consumption model in society provided by technological transformation and digitization. The current consumer is very different from just a few years ago, since communication, interests, the way of buying and the demands of consumers have made a change.

At this time, consumers are basically governed by speed and information. Two key factors that every consumer takes into account when making purchasing decisions.

On the one hand, they prefer to save time on their purchases and make them as soon as possible, which means that the consumer is willing to purchase their products online and / or make automated purchases of essential products. In a word, we could define the modern consumer as impatient.

On the other hand, consumers can spend hours researching the product. Today, every consumer is connected in a multichannel way (blogs, social networks, applications, forums …), which allows them to soak up information. It is for this reason that before making a decision they will obtain information from comments, experiences of other consumers, both positive and negative, and will be guided by them to make the purchase decision.

Let’s see, in more detail, the different characteristics that define a modern consumer:


    1. They are digital

    They have the necessary tools to carry out the entire purchase process digitally, without the need to stop performing daily tasks.

    2. Unfaithful

    Today’s markets are very competitive. The consumer knows that he has the power and is clear that if you do not build loyalty in a different way than the rest, the competition will.

    3. They want different experiences

    Customers, in addition to looking for quality in the product, want to live an experience before, during and after the purchase. They want you to generate emotions and create an experience for them with the purchase they have made.

    4. Honest and ethical brands

    They know how to appreciate honesty and are willing to trust those brands that provide them with useful and valuable information. All of them are willing to stop consuming brands that put the environment at risk or are unethical. Even more so, with those who may feel cheated.

    5. They seek innovation

    They are not only looking to purchase products that only meet basic needs. They go further, they seek that they provide them with an added value that they had not imagined before that could serve them.

    6. They require attention and service

    They need a deeper consumer-brand relationship. They need attention and feel valued after purchasing the product. Feeling that the brand is interested in your opinion to identify what it is that most attracts you, seeks and / or needs.

    7. Trust opinions of other consumers’ experiences

    The purchase decision is influenced by positive or negative comments on the internet, regardless of whether the opinion is from a stranger.

    8. They like to buy of their own free will

    The consumer wants to feel that they are in control at all times of the purchase and not be forced to buy your product anyway. The seller has to awaken emotions and desires to the consumer, without putting pressure on him.