Captivate and seduce the kidult generation

Captivate and seduce the kidult generation
September 12, 2022

There is no doubt that the market for consumer goods and services based on homogeneous targets has been volatilised in the last two decades. In this sense, the internet and social media have accelerated, with ultra-customizable channels, the market niches in which very specific and defined audiences live.

From Fun Providers, a communication and digital marketing agency in Barcelona, we bring you this commercially very interesting target group, passionate and 100% faithful to their tastes and lifestyle, no matter how much they go against the market in general.

Teenage adults forever?

We are not talking about science fiction or a magic potion that offers you eternal youth like in the classic 80’s vampire film The Lost Boys. We focus on the segment of people born between 1969 and 1980 (the so-called “generation X”, between 42 and 53 years old).

The “kidult generation” or also called “adultescent” is the result of two realities that converge at the same point. On one side of the coin is the hedonistic culture of some young people who prolong, more and more, the stay in the nest of their parents, together with an adolescence that extends over time. At the cross we find senior executives and start-up entrepreneurs who are eagerly seeking activities that take them away from the pressure and stress of their positions.

Kidults; leisure and entertainment as philosophy

This cocktail ends up forging into a Peter Pan syndrome, in which the person grows physically but refuses to do so on a maturational level. Even so, these are people who have a very marked creative and innovative profile. They are technology and computer lovers (geeks) and are strong fans with things they particularly like (called a fandom phenomenon).

It is not surprising that this target, with the purchasing power to consume leisure and entertainment, enjoys to the max watching superhero movies, spending hours in front of the video console, collecting the most varied products (from retro toys to Funkos, going through Legos), buying electronic gadgets, reading comics, practising cosplay (dressing up your favourite fictional character) and playing Laser Tag, Most Extreme Elimination Challenge, role-playing games or even with inflatables.

Adults rebelled against the system

This group of people wants to enjoy the present and constantly rebels against the traditional conception of how an adult should behave.

If TikTok highway is basically led by generation Z (from 6 to 24 years old, the group of digital natives who do not conceive reality without social media), there is a wide growing service lane, piloted by the generation kidult -adults with an endless desire to play and spend a large part of their income and savings on leisure-, a target audience eager for consumption and entertainment as channels to unleash their creativity and way of seeing the world.

If you think your company has products and/or services focused on kidults, contact Fun Providers, a communication and digital marketing agency in Barcelona and we will help you play with them, using their codes and communication channels to impact them effectively. This way your company will be able to approach the “forever young”…