A new era of social and economic relations is coming with the metaverse

A new era of social and economic relations is coming with the metaverse
April 1, 2022

Since Mark Zuckerberg presented, at the end of last October, his company’s firm commitment for the next ten years, focused on the metaverse, an intense wave of comments, articles and debates about this ambitious project has been generated. The infinite catalogue of online replicas from the real world, in which Internet users interact socially and economically through their avatars, is poised to revolutionise the way in which we conceive virtual environments.

Although it seems that we are talking about a word of recent coinage, the truth is that its appearance dates back three decades. Metaverse is a word that first appears in the 1992 cyberpunk science fiction novel Snow Crash by writer Neal Stephenson. Through this innovative concept, the American author introduced and united the concepts of virtual reality and interconnection.

Metaverse, the internet in three dimensions

It seems that this is the next logical step in which the evolution of internet and social media is immersed. Through an extensive and complex ecosystem of parallel realities, users will be able to interact with other avatars, play online, organise work meetings, participate in training courses, attend to exhibitions, concerts and museums, go shopping… Basically you will be able to carry out your daily activities without leaving the comfort of home; a magic triangle that encompasses entertainment, work and social relationships.

Internet users will interact with all the elements they encounter in this immersive online reality; it will be a kind of teleportation from the physical world, through technologies such as virtual and augmented reality (using tools such as glasses and helmets, motion sensors, smart clothing, controls of various types, mobile phones or even applications).

The virtual world that all companies wish to

A multitude of companies -including giants such as Google, Microsoft, Nvidia or Facebook itself – are exploring the metaverse environment, a fact that will lead to the creation of standards so that all these spaces will be connected properly and without limitations.

Unlimited metaverse possibilities

The reality that the metaverse offers us has multiple options:

  • Being able to express emotions through the avatar itself, bringing body and facial language into play in immersive 3D virtual environments.
  • Give free rein to the freedom of creation, which can be applied both in avatars and in the design of environments, businesses and interiors, to the taste of each one.
  • Having the possibility of creating virtual businesses (and their consequent jobs in these metaverse companies) that, if they consolidate in the future, can create new sales channels and an economy in itself with its own currency.
  • The way of interacting will be much more realistic with people from whom we are separated by thousands of kilometres.
  • It is evident that one of the greatest potentialities of this new world is found inside the video game industry, whose field presents infinite and long-term possibilities.
  • The creation of advertising and promotional opportunities will grow in parallel with these new virtual environments. In addition, the collection of data on daily life in the metaverse (lifelogging), may be applied for statistical and commercial purposes.

The new 3D immersive reality that metaverse presents is the evolution of the virtual community created in 2003 under the name of Second Life. In Spain, the foundations are already being laid for the next digital revolution -which will mark our individual and collective future in networks- with the project for the fourth Meta data center in Talavera de la Reina (after those in Denmark, Sweden and Ireland), as well as the will to employ up to 2,000 people during the next 5 years and the creation of the first Meta Lab in the world. The metaverse is here to stay.

If you want to take your first steps in the world of the metaverse, at Fun Providers, a communication and digital marketing agency, we will be delighted to go together to immerse ourselves in the possibilities offered by this new immersive virtual reality.