5 tips on communication & branding against COVID

5 tips on communication & branding against COVID
September 4, 2020

The current health situation caused by COVID has forced companies to rethink their business model and the way they use to reach and communicate with their public. From Fun Providers, communication and digital marketing agency, we present you 5 communication & branding tips to adapt to this new situation.

5 communication and branding tips against coronavirus


Important consulting firms specializing in communication strategies highlight the importance of efficient corporate communication management to make a difference and alleviate the economic impact produced by the pandemic. Some sectors could even benefit from this crisis if they know how to take advantage of the opportunities. This is the case of food and food delivery, technology, training, hygiene, cleaning and disinfection.

To adapt to the new situation, it is vital to develop a communication and public relations strategy that allows the communication of innovative products and services, thus increasing the visibility of the brand. It is also a good time to carry out social responsibility actions, increase your digital presence and generate a positive reputation.

The digital environment offers us very useful tools to carry out these actions. Based on the agreed strategy, it is advisable to establish a communication calendar on social networks that build a powerful brand image and maintain a fluid communication flow with our clients. The Hootsuite platform makes it easy to publish content on the different social networks of the company.

Google Trends is another of the tools that will help us to know the interests of the users, it serves to discover and compare trends and traffic for different keywords. If what we want is an application that helps us manage our online reputation, SocialDefender can be very useful.

For an optimized, reliable, coherent and global communication, communication protocols must be established and the spokespersons of the company should be advised regarding any changes that affect activities, products or services.

Do you need a partner to face the situation caused by COVID-19 and take advantage of the opportunities? Contact Fun Providers, a communication and digital marketing agency, and we will help you create a plan that enhances the advantages of your company.